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Here is a general overview of my massage style:

A creative and intuitive approach leading to a whole body experience that touches you at many levels.
My work can be described as a blend of Lomilomi, connective tissue massage and Thai bodywork.
I start with shiatsu pressure on the back, followed by a massage with oil. I include a neck, abdominal
and foot massage to work the energy points that restore balance. Foot reflexology, is a method of applying
point pressure to the feet, stimulating the body's natural ability to heal itself, relieving stress from the body and mind.
The intensity of my touch varies depending on your needs, but remains effective and healing.
My work is focused, treating specific muscle groups for faster recovery after sports activities or injuries.

Foot Reflexology, $50/ forty five minutes.
Standard one hour massage, $100
full body massage, $120/ ninety minutes.
Combine full body massage and foot reflexology, $140/ one hour & forty five minutes.

Thai yoga bodywork, $140/one hour forty five minutes.
This type of massage is done fully clothed on a floor mat. Through a composition of stretches and acupressure strokes, the energy lines called 'sen' meridians are stimulated. Benefits of this session are, improved flexibility and energy flow throughout the body.


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