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The session starts when I ask about the condition you're in, and what you would like the outcome of the session to be; this may include inquiring about body pain or resolving tension. I do not talk excessively or analyze mentally, however verbalizing your intention helps create a focus for the session and for healing energetically and physically.
My work is massage based. Using warm aromatic oil, I start with a firm, thorough massage to help you relax in your body, I invite you to talk about feelings and insights that may come up, or you can simply be in a state of deep relaxation.

The degree of stillness and trust will then allow for a creative intuitive approach. I often get tuned into the energy body. Energy work is a very light healing touch that restores the movement of subtle energy in the body. I may also palpate the rhythm of the cranial fluid to facilitate unrestricted flow.

Another technique I use for helping pain is called Strain-counter strain, which decreases muscle spasm and restores muscle length. I include a good foot massage in my session; the feet are energetically connected to all parts of the body. I also believe in the important benefits of massaging the abdomen, which is our energy center that contains our inner organs.

Working with my hands, I am aware of the lymphatic fluid drainage. I also work with acupressure points. Most importantly, I work with my heart; massage becomes a spiritual practice that requires me to refine my listening and to welcome everybody with love and respect.


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